How to gain admission into university of Ilorin

If your a type that has been having tough difficulties to successfully gain admission into university of Ilorin then this post is for you.

Firstly let’s look at university of Ilorin as a university in Nigeria and how students or aspirants can successfully gain admission either into 100level or 200level.

According to research, i was made known that university of Ilorin which popularly known as unilorin has been in existence as far back as 1975.

That time it is very easy for any aspirant to quickly gain admission but as people started going into universities, things changed.

Though that time there’s nothing like catchment area and the use of influence has not gotten to this stage.

Suddenly things change and students need to score high mark in both jamb and post jamb in other to be participate in the admission test running.

Having higher score in jamb and post utme do work that time, in fact you can gain admission into medical department without knowing any lecturers or VC.

Without much words again let me quickly tell you the thing you can do to successfully gain admission into university of Ilorin, Ilorin Nigeria.

Before you apply for unilorin admission firstly go and visit their portal, check your aspiring course cutoff mark and work towards it.

Make sure you score more than your cut off mark during jamb and post jamb. Then after that proceed to all necessary steps.

Upload your documents at the right time and make sure you give your slip to one of official workers. It may be lecturer or non academic staff.

The most important thing is to act as if you’re from kwara state, Ilorin to be precise.

Because research shows that almost all the aspirants that gains admission into university of Ilorin yearly are indigenous kwara students.

Now the problem is how do you act as a kwaran? Is it possible and hope it won’t have bad effect?

Well so many people has been using this trick and which yield good results.

When i say good results, that mean it favour them and has not bad effect on the long run.

To get a well signed kwara state citizenship certificate, though this is not easy if you’re not from Ilorin especially if you bear Christian name.

But there are some people that take this as their own way to make money which in other way, they help you achieve your goal.

These people would get you a copy of original citizenship certificate which you can use to apply and actually gain admission successfully.

In case you would want a copy at a cheaper price i can’t connect you to one of my trusted clients which has never fail me when come to citizenship certificate.

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So if you really follow my steps, you will actually gain admission into university of Ilorin.

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