How to become a first class students in the university

A lot of people aspire to go university for a bachelor’s degree but not all students determine to become become first class student.

For the concern students, this is a guide to work towards for a first class grade at the university level.

  • Always attend lecture
  • Read your book always.
  • Do more research on your own.
  • Always do your assignment.
  • Complete your syllabus before examination.
  • Always pray for good grades

#1. Attend Lectures always

If you’ve gotten admission it is important for you to always attend lectures. Either you like the lecturer in charge or not, just make sure you go for lectures always.

This will let you know where exactly your lecturers touches in class and will help you to understand more better when your doing furthest revision.

For this reasoning it is importation to always attend class.

#2. Read your book always

Don’t wait till assessment approaches before you start reading! The successful ones completed their syllabus before examination.

So one of the best way to attain goods grades is to read always and make sure you understand it from the beginning to the end..

If you find any aspect difficult to understand don’t hesitate to reach out to your lecturers.

#3. Do more research on your own or in group

Another easy way to batch out of university as a first class student is to team up with your colleagues and form research forum.

Do research time to time to update your self on the course of study. If possible.

#4. Always do your assignment.

I know one of your lecturer must be a fans of assignment, if possible you receive one from your lecturer ding hesitate to do it always.

Doing your assignment always won’t only rewards you marks but also let you do more research on your own.

#5. Always pray for good grades

Even though you’re sure of your work Sir test and examination you still need to keep praying for good grades.

Don’t forget no one is perfect. Even computer is not 100% efficiency.

That’s why you have to always pray for good grades at the end of examination.

I wish you all the best in all your endeavor!

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