How To Score Higher Mark In Jamb To Gain Admission Into The University

We all know jamb registration is around the corner and coming out with a flying colour is what everyone would ever crave for.

That’s why i put head together to solve the problem of jamb failure palaver. This time around I’m not going to give you expo or tell you to pay someone that will help you do jamb runs but rather I’ll…

Below are 5 simple steps to take if you want to pass jamb examination and actually gain admission into university of your choice.

1. Choose the right subject combination for your course of study

Yes you’ve to choose the right subject combination for your proposed course of study in the university if not you may end up being offering course you don’t like if not total rejection of admission.

2. Follow Jamb syllabus

During your jamb registration process, you will be given a brochure either in CD format or text book.

Make sure you read over the syllabus to know where the exam would cover.

Note that it is important for you to go through the syllabus if truly you want to pass jam eexam.

3. Buy and read jamb past questions and answer.

You just need to buy jamb past questions text book and start putting it into practice.

I remembered that year i sat for my own jamb exam, i came across exact what I’ve already practiced in the past questions and answer textbook.

4. Beat up the time given.

In case you haven’t sit for any jamb exam before, I’m using this medium to inform you that jamb exam is a timed exam.

For this reason you have to be time conscious and get ready to battle the questions.

Do not rush and don’t be try to work slowly. Do things accurately.

5. Don’t be afraid

There are so many reasons why people afraid in the examination. No matter what, don’t try to shiver.

During my own time, i was shivering at first but i later overcome it.

Thank you for reading, i hope this exposed you to the best way to pass jamb examination with ease?

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