MASON MOUNT HYPED OR DESCRIBED- what sport student must know


Mount a 20years old English footballer who plays for chelsea Won the headline as one of Chelsea best loanees.

No one will read More into it right? But fortunately for him his manager when he was Loaned got hired as his parent club manager. As expected he was
Given his first team chance. Did he grab it with both hands? Of course
Yes! But it came with a price and the price is being surrounded by

Last season being part of the main England set up will be a dream For a player who got an honorary invitation to come train with the england
National team. Enough for the introduction.

Mount played exceptionally well at the beginning of the season which
Earned him the tag ‘Chelsea golden boy’.

The way isn’t always smooth for
Anyone, is it? As those that were against the appointment of frank lampard hated him on the go.

For his combination with lampard is as glued as that of Jorginho with sarri.

But as jorginho was made the scape goat in sarri’s faulty plan mount is being made the scapegoat as he’s being considered the avatar of lampards plan.

As those who hated sarri
Hated jorginho, it couldn’t be any different for mount to lampards haters.

    Mount first real critics was Jose mourinho (the self acclaimed the special

One) in his debut premier league match against Manchester united (a match filled
With positives)he picked mount out as Chelsea weak link. To José dismay, he proved him wrong in the following match playing against the best team defensively in the league
Leicester city, against the League best defensive midfielder in wilfried ndidi, robbing him of the ball before slotting it home himself.
As there is a thing with English players they always come with fan base who go around with
Leaving Buzzwords around of them (English players).
Mason mount footballing ability was never a doubt but maybe he’s good enough for Chelsea
has always been. considering he’s not even as good as Ross Barkley was during his break out
season at everton. For a player who was dubbed the new lampard, he has never been as good
as Alex chamberlain is although he’s better than Alex was at his age. As midfielder are known to
get better with time it is to be seen if he’ll rise to the billing or not.

But for a midfielder who has scored goals and assists in his debut season, he’s sure good and is only going to get better but before then the buzzwords need to calm down like a fisherman does when his aggressive fishing couldn’t yield a fish.

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