RELATIONSHIP VS RELIGION What Nigerian students must know

Hello Guys, hope we are having a wonderful time this festive season? We all know this season is mainly about family, friends, relationships, religion.

Today, I’m writing on the topic ‘’RELATIONSHIP VERSUS RELIGION’’.
Relationship, according to google, is defined in the noun form and it means ‘’the way in which two or more people are connected or the state of being connected”.
I wouldn’t say this definition is wrong but is rather biased, in the sense that it does not showcase to us what the connection between two people is, whether marriage, business, class, work, etc.

Before I proceed in telling you about the war between relationship and religion, let me define Religion.
Religion means “the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God of gods”. This definition by Google is very specific.

Relationship and Religion are different entities in our lives and this has caused some form of division, loss of lives, broken homes, dispute between friends.

What is the aim of being in love with som eone when you can’t be in a relationship with them if you want to? There’s a problem, and it is common in the African community most especially Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, etc.

Tribe has caused more harm than good to the whole society. For instance, in Nigeria, a Yoruba man can’t marry from the North or East, why? Because they posses a lower level of formal education. You can’t have a relationship with someone outside your tribe because of their occupation, their educational level. It becomes an epidemic bringing a non-tribe member as a romantic partner or merely as a friend.
This is very similar to that of the tribe, but with little differences. Family members make up the most important people in your life. Just like the mother, she care for you so she instructs you on the person to be with. But that’s arcade because she’s not the one that will build your family and maintain your relationship for you.

Wawu!! The big question religious matter, this matter has got nothing to do with relationship but there is a lot that needs to me known more clarity on this point that people don’t know yet. I rest my case. Now because you’re a Muslim girl and you’re in love with a Christian guy then you get stuck in between on what to do. My advice to people in this kind of situation is to follow your mind, listen to your inner mind.
The elite want to be known everywhere and won’t want to reside with the low class people just like the Lagos bling bling. They don’t want to mingle with low class people but also want to roll with people of the same class this kind of people plans their child wedding who to meet, where to go, people they should hangout with because of wealth; this kind of people don’t care about their children’s opinion on the person they wish to marry or religion if that’s the case what they want to hear or know is that they have money.
It sound weird but it’s the truth, in some part of the country in Nigeria (the calabar’s) they eat dogs and they see it as meat but in the other phase, some particular tribe in their religion classify those animal as unclean so they can’t dine or mingle with people of sure which in essence so pathetic for the man in the other phase not to be able to come in close relationship with the dog eater others may be pigs, cat, owl, cubs …
6) YOU
Me, myself and I when you see this type of phase you know it now depend on you. Now no family, social class, food, tribe, religion involve now all decision are in you path. Earlier in the aforementioned doesn’t involve but this point is for the strong not for the weak. Anyone who is a pet of mood swing can’t function well because they will feel hunted by what they has been told in the past but what they don’t know is that he/ she has a say now we’re in a new age were nobody cares about you not literally. but make the right decision and also ask for advice why and why can I marry this person, if I eat this food will I die, if I mingle with this set of people will it reduce our wealth, why are the family relative mad at me when I brought this person to them, have our tribe had a tug of war in the past with this tribe. You ask question, and whoever that has an affirm point wins
According to the writer,
He doesn’t in any way support or go against what has been written here, but I will like us to know with the stated point we can still make a right decision from it. Well it is not strange we are in an era of technology and things are moving at light speed the past is the past but don’t forget our heritage don’t forget the culture, background. I saw on twitter of recent a lot of innovation between religion and culture I was astonished, there is lot to say but I would like to refill my ink.
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