Students What Do You Think About Loftus Cheek Effect On Chelsea

Loftus cheek is one of the many Chelsea academy graduates who successfully
Made it to the main team, following in the footsteps of the like of john terry and
most recently Nathaniel chalobah before him. It is to be seen whether his story
will be as great as that of john terry with Chelsea or he will have to look else where
for his pasture green like the likes of Nathan ake and solanke both of Bournemouth,
Nathaniel chalobah of watford, Ryan Bertrand of Southampton or gudmundson of
burnley to mention a few out of man.

Loftus cheek rating as a Chelsea player Loftus cheek style has been considered to be an everlasting debate for his main
Position on the pitch is not yet known as he played perfectly well as a left or right
winger, a left or right midfielder and has also successfully played in a two men midfield
under sarri last term. If not for a season ending injury he experienced last season, it is
believed by many that he’ll walk into this Chelsea team effortlessly as he’s considered
To be so good but is it so?
Due to the departure of eden hazard to Madrid, Chelsea clearly needs a go to man
Which they have found in mason mount initially but not consistently as it was kovacic,
Pulisic, Willian or even kante were all once their ‘go to’ man. Sometimes they had to
deliver on their collective efforts without anyone standing out which never happens
with other big clubs as someone has to stand out. Loftus cheek has the abitily to torment
defenders as he’s ever ready to use his body to shake off defenders which earned him the
master of take ons in last season Europa league over two of the runner up.
He would have easily won the player of the season for Europa league participators if not for
The unfortunate incidence. It is to be seen whether he’ll be coming back stronger or weaker
But either ways Chelsea fans will be glad to welcome him back as he offers versatility as
Much as enthusiasm as he’s a son of the soil. Chelsea academy graduates are known to be
Dramatic as much as a ready made challengers for first team.
Not a surprise for an academy that has been champions for most of the age grade competitions.
either he’ll be following in the footsteps of other Chelsea greats or he’ll just be one of the
Many success bound players that’s gone derailed. Either way it will be an enticing story to
Watch out for.
Loftus cheek effect on Chelsea is just like a blind date. What it is, is not yet known.

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